Code of Conduct

Employees of Rubicon Strategy pledge to uphold the letter and spirit of this Code of Conduct in the course of providing service to our clients and any other activities. As professionals, we are committed to the goals of better communication and improved understanding between the many diverse groups in our society.

This code has been developed through employee consultation and by incorporating material from the Canadian Public Relations Society, the Public Affairs Association and the International Association of Business Communicators. Rubicon Strategy supports these associations in their efforts to establish and enforce codes of conduct for our profession.

In the interest of transparency we have adopted the Code of Conduct of one of the most reputable Public Relations companies in the industry, H+K Strategies, that our Chairman Michael Coates wrote.

Clients shall be served to the highest professional standards of excellence.

The highest standards of professionalism will be upheld in our work. All communications should be honest in content, candid and accurate.

Employees shall deal fairly and honestly with media, government and the public.

Staff shall not act improperly to influence the media, the public or government bodies. We will practice openness and full disclosure in our work. Improper influence includes conferring gifts, privileges or benefits to influence decisions.

Employees shall practice the highest standards of honesty and accuracy and shall not disseminate false or misleading information.

Staff shall not make insupportable claims or comparisons or assume credit for ideas and words not their own. We will expect clients to provide information which is accurate and verifiable, and this is stipulated in our contracts.

Employees shall deal fairly with past or present employers/clients, with fellow practitioners and with members of other professions.

Staff shall not malign or intentionally damage another practitioner’s practice or professional reputation. Staff shall understand, respect and abide by the ethical codes of other professions with whose members they may work from time to time.

Employees have the right to refuse to work on a project if it is in conflict with their own personal ethics or beliefs.

Staff are entitled to their personal beliefs and the right to decline involvement in a specific project without compromising their current position or career opportunity at Rubicon Strategy.