Rubicon Strategy

When the die is cast


In 49 BC...

Julius Caesar crossed the River Rubicon with a single legion and went on to create an empire that ruled the world for over 400 years.

That empire's influence is still felt today.

"Crossing the Rubicon" has survived to refer to any individual or group that is prepared to irrevocably commit to a course of action that is "all in."

All in.

We are experienced strategists and campaigners who relish a challenge that others say can’t be done.

No challenge is too difficult and we are ruthless at finding a pathway to success.

Data is at the heart of everything we do.

Caesar would never have crossed the Rubicon if he wasn’t confident that he had the data and intelligence to mount the coup that created an Empire.

Our research will give you the confidence you need to win.

Our Services

We integrate data and digital to shape modern strategies for age-old problems.


We don’t sugar coat the truth. We give candid advice that will lead you to victory. We are trusted advisors to companies and associations in health care, gaming, cannabis, government procurement, entertainment, environment, energy, natural resources, and more.


Our digital campaigns have elected Premiers in Ontario and Alberta. When you need to win online, we are ready. Whether it's shaping public opinion, building blazing fast websites, or converting prospects into customers, we get the job done.


We integrate our research to provide unparalleled strategic communications support, in times of crisis, or to avoid one in the first place. We carefully craft messaging to support our corporate clients through complex issues and litigations to win support from the public when it really matters. Our team has more experience, and can provide better media training than any other firm in Canada.


Rubicon Defence is a premier aerospace and defence consulting group comprised of battle-hardened experts in the areas of Canadian federal procurement with a focus on policies, practices, politics, procedures and the detailed requirements of complex military acquisitions. This multi-dimensional team provides strategic advice intended to deepen your tactics, and maximize your probability of win.

Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)

We are the only firm in Canada offering strategic ESG advice to drive continuous improvement and investor confidence. In a world with increasing pressure, we demonstrate how organizations are positively impacting society while lessening their environmental footprints. Our team will ensure ESG success through a multiple stakeholder approach by collaboration with private and public sectors, NGOs, community groups and Indigenous partners.

Kory TeneyckeCo-founder and CEO

If you’re in a tough fight, Kory is the guy you want on your side.

With two decades in public affairs, Kory has served as the Director of Communications to the Prime Minister of Canada, managed the cable news channel “Sun News”, and served as Executive Director of the Renewable Fuels Association. Kory was the manager of the 2018 campaign that saw Doug Ford become Premier of Ontario, and is now on a leave of absence to manage the 2022 campaign for the Ontario PC Party.

Mike CoatesCo-founder and Executive Chairman

Nobody has more experience in the industry than Mike Coates.

Mike has led teams and managed companies in Canada, Australia, the U.S., and Latin America, rising through the ranks to become CEO of Hill and Knowlton Americas, and Vice Chair, Global. Canadian Business magazine named Mike one of Canada’s “Top 50 Most Powerful People” and he has provided counsel to corporate boards like BHP Billiton, the TSX, and Chinese National Overseas Oil Corporation (CNOOC), to name a few.

Andrew BalfourManaging Partner, Ottawa

Andrew closes deals.

There’s a reason that Andrew was named a Top 40 Under 40 by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce in 2018. In every year since becoming a lobbyist Andrew has been named in The Hill Times top 100. If you want things done in Ottawa, you need Andrew Balfour on your team.

Patrick HarrisManaging Partner, Toronto

Patrick changes government policy.

Joining Rubicon after years of building his own practice at the provincial and municipal levels, Patrick has a track-record of success for clients in the gaming, energy, agricultural, and food and beverage sectors. Cutting his teeth as a senior political staffer and campaigner, Patrick specialized in integrated public affairs strategies that move opinion.

Don NewmanExecutive Vice President

Don Newman is the news.

When it comes to mastering the media, broadcast veteran Don Newman can’t be beat. Having spent decades anchoring Canada’s most trusted news broadcasts, Don Newman has interviewed the movers and shakers that have shaped our nation. If you need to make sure your message cuts through the spin, Don Newman is who you want on your side.

Elizabeth RoscoeSenior Vice President

Elizabeth solves problems.

With over 30 years navigating government, politics, and public opinion, Elizabeth delivers results for clients. She has advised numerous TSX listed companies with an emphasis on regulated industries, and holds a strong track record of building stakeholder support to pitch government. As a leader in the public affairs industry, Elizabeth is a seasoned advisor on foreign investment transactions. If you want to engage with government, talk to Elizabeth. 

Jonathan MoserSVP & ESG Practice Lead

Jonathan gets people on the same page to deliver results

With 30 years of experience, Jonathan is a well-regarded ESG leader who positively transforms challenges facing clients in all sectors, leveraging collaboration and consultation to achieve success. He has driven innovative strategies to engage key stakeholders and advance business priorities. Jonathan has led public affairs, sustainability, circular economy, and environmental stewardship efforts in Canada for global corporations.    

Jan O'DriscollSenior Vice President

When the game is on the line, you want Jan on your side.

With years of experience leading tactical communications and tough policy files, Jan is a straight shooter that gets the job done. He’s held senior leadership roles in the private sector as well as with several federal cabinet ministers in Harper’s government. Most recently, Jan served as Chief of Staff in several key ministries in Premier Ford’s government where he drove transformational initiatives to get wins for the people of Ontario.

Aaron GairdnerSenior Vice President

When it comes to managing big files and winning teams, Aaron is it.

Aaron has spent nearly 20 years in senior public policy roles, including key roles as Chief of Staff to the federal cabinet ministers for Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, and National Defence. He oversaw the largest defence procurement effort since the 1950s and was instrumental in some 50 foreign missions to advance Canada’s economic, security and diplomatic interests. With two degrees in Political Science and extensive experience at the highest levels, Aaron has a blue-chip understanding of machinery of government.

Matthew MitschkeVice President

Matt is experienced.

Matt has spent nearly a decade in senior government roles both provincially and federally, as Chief of Staff to the B.C. Ministers of Environment and Justice and in Ottawa as a Senior Advisor at National Defence and as Chief of Staff at Employment and Labour. Matt leverages his extensive understanding of defence procurement, skills development, TFWs and Canada’s natural resource sector for client success. Armed with a law degree, Matt has the experience to achieve results.

Sarah LeterskyVice President

Sarah knows government decision making.

As a war room operative she helped elect Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario. As a Chief of Staff in Premier Ford’s government, Sarah built an impressive network of peers, and successfully managed communications on a number of contentious files. If you need something at Queen’s Park, Sarah knows who to talk to and how to get it done.

Tim SmithemanVice President

Tim produces results.

With over fifteen years of public affairs experience, Tim has worked alongside major domestic and international companies. Tim understands that effective government engagement is essential for success, and his experience within the government and private sector ranges from policy development and stakeholder engagement to operations and crisis communications. His innate understanding of the unique political, policy, and decision-making culture of government generates wins for you and your business.

Stephanie DelormeVice President, Operations

Stephanie is a strategic thinker and problem solver.

With extensive experience in the private and public sectors, in think tanks and politics, Stephanie’s range of experience gives her an innate understanding of a range of policy issues and creative approaches to solving them. Stephanie has worked in federal politics in the Opposition Leader’s office, on the provincial campaign in Ontario seeing Doug Ford elected as Premier, and in local politics in Ottawa.

Shae McGlynnDirector of Public Affairs

Shae delivers.

Tech-savvy and data-centred, Shae’s ability to create pre-positioning strategies for clients is unparalleled and gets results every time. A bilingual communications strategist and former regional advisor to several federal ministers, Shae possesses a robust and diverse network in Ottawa. As a trusted political strategist hungry to win, Shae has turned out winning campaigns at every level from St. John’s to Vancouver.

Lieutenant-General (Retd) Michel GauthierSenior Associate

Michel (Mike) Gauthier enjoyed a highly successful 36-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, highlights of which included senior roles as the military’s intelligence chief in the transformational period after 9/11, and as the senior general responsible for Canadian operations overseas including Canada’s combat mission in southern Afghanistan for almost four years. Since leaving the military, he has remained very active in the defence and security community as a mentor, consultant and lecturer, offering critical analysis, strategic insight and a range of other advisory services.

Greg LeisSenior Associate

With almost three decades of service, Greg brings combat, command, flight test, training, operational requirements and strategic planning experience to the table.  A post-military career in the aerospace and defence sector gives him a comprehensive understanding of all sides of the defence procurement process. His broad leadership and track record of success provides our clients with effective and winning insights.

Andrew SkerrittSenior Associate

High Calibre International Aerospace Professional.
With 23 years of experience in International Marketing and Business Development, Andrew has enjoyed a sterling career, winning major aerospace and defence programs in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has a comprehensive knowledge of avionics products, cockpit upgrades and building international relationships and alliances.

Christine SimundsonAccount Director

Christine wins campaigns.

Christine’s experience in the legal profession coupled with her experience in marketing and promotions gives her an edge when it comes to grassroots activism. Before joining Rubicon, Christine was active in the Ontario PC Party War Room during the 2018 Provincial election. Christine’s guidance elected 17 of the PC MPPs in Peel Region, Halton, Toronto and Northern Ontario. Christine was the PC Party Organizer for Peel Region and played a senior role in organizing the PC Leadership race of 2018.

Daniel PascucciAccount Director

Dan shapes narratives to advance decisions

Dan excels at building and maintaining connections that advance client opportunities with nearly a decade of political affairs and communications experience working at the highest level in the federal and provincial governments. He understands the complexity of government, the nuances of policy creation, and the advantages of utilizing narratives when shaping decisions. Dan believes that every obstacle is another opportunity, and every opportunity is another path for results.

Jay DenneyAccount Director

Jay keeps things on track.

Jay brings with him over a decade of senior government and public affairs experience.   Jay has served as Director of Communications to a Federal Minister, as well as Chief of Staff to several provincial Ministers in B.C., including International Trade;  Transportation & Infrastructure; Agriculture, and Technology & Innovation.  He has also directed parliamentary affairs for an opposition MP, and outside of government, served as the federal advocacy manager for a national industry association.  Jay’s extensive understanding of the inner workings of Parliament and provincial Legislatures translate into strategic and tactical plans to deliver wins for our clients.

Christina LeysExecutive Assistant & Director of Administration

Christina is resourceful.

With 20 years of experience in Executive and Human Resources Administration, Christina holds the highest standards of service to support her colleagues. She possesses a formidable track record of achieving goals and getting results from her work managing CEOs at an international public relations firm and in global sports racing and natural resources companies. If you need something done, call Christina.

Stefani VukmanovicSenior Consultant

Stefani is committed to your goals.

Stefani is an asset to any team as an experienced researcher and analytical thinker with a keen understanding of provincial government processes. Her experience in project planning and coordination, paired with an Honours Bachelor’s in International Relations, delivers results that make a difference. You can trust Stefani to understand your needs, bring you pragmatic solutions, and deliver results

Ryan SperoConsultant

From political organizing to Parliament Hill, Ryan’s experience in strategy and stakeholder relations gives our clients the tools they need to succeed. Having worked on the Hill and local, leadership, and national campaigns with the Liberal Party of Canada, his political savvy and network in Ottawa brings an advantage when it comes to engaging with the government.

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